At Blink we feel that putting on the pair of perfect shoes gives you the edge that can turn plain Janes into true runway queens. The Blink collection has always been synonymous with impulse purchased, high-street fashion footwear; made possible by a very attractive price point and reliable quality. Fits every outfit, so make it your own!


Our dedicated stylists constantly roam the globe searching the hottest catwalk trends and front-row action, so we can design you those outspoken Blink shoes with our own special twist. When doing this we always try to get the look and quality just right, because we understand that you want to wear the latest trends without breaking the bank.


At Bronx Fashion we just love shoes. It’s in our blood and has been for 125 years. Off course we’re not that old, but our family ran company is. Currently our group holds two main brands: Bronx & Blink, which are sold in over 50 countries around the world. Additionally we develop custom private label collections for some of the biggest brands and retailers around the globe.

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